• How are Eyelash Extensions Applied? Upon your arrival at Lash Out, you will have a full consultation with a talented and skilled Lash Technician. They will review our vast offering with you to ensure optimal results. You will be amazed by all of the different styles, lengths, curls, thicknesses and shapes we offer! Once you and your tech agree to the look that will suit you best, we can get you lashed out! For our classic sets we apply a single eyelash extension to each natural lash. This is what we call our one-to-one application. For our volume sets we apply multiple finer eyelash extensions to each single natural lash. We use much finer lashes for volume so the fans are not too heavy for your natural lash. The less weight, the better to maintain the integrity of your natural eyelashes.
  • What holds my Eyelash Extensions in place? At Lash Out we use a special waterproof bonding agent to apply the eyelash extensions directly onto each of your individual natural lashes, not to your skin. The long-lasting adhesive is latex and formaldehyde free so it is safe and comfortable.
  • How long do they last? On the average person, full and semi sets: the eyelash extensions will ‘look good’ for approximately 2-3 weeks before requiring a touch up. If you do not touch up at this time, they will continue to shed and completely fall off by 4-6 weeks. Some experience a much better retention rate while others vary. Factors include the strength and texture of your natural lash, your lifestyle, and the way you care for the eyelash extensions. Another major factor is where your natural lashes are in their growth cycle.
  • Are Lash Extensions damaging or will they make my natural lashes fall out? No! Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes or cause them to fall out if they are done properly. All of our Technicians have undergone intense training to provide the highest quality application. Keeping your lash line healthy is our top priority here at Lash Out, so your Technician will always advise what is best for you and your lashes. Keep in mind, however, that your natural lashes do have a natural growth cycle. That's right, your eyelashes shed much like your head hair. You can lose anywhere from 2-5 lashes per day from each eye. Meaning it's totally normal to still have some shedding, but it is not caused by the extensions themselves.
  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment? Yes. Try your best to arrive without any eye makeup, do not curl your lashes or wear mascara on the day of your appointment. This will minimize the cleanup time and allow more time for applying the extensions. Shower before your appointment because you need to keep your lashes completely dry for the first 24 hours. Do your research and have an idea of what style, shape and look you want to achieve!